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Solaris OS Help Desk Support

Statement of Service

• Solaris OS Help Desk supporting Solaris 7 through 10 [updates through October 2009] on end-of-life systems
• Solaris system administration task assistance
• Installation and/or updating questions
• General Solaris configuration assistance
• "How-to" guidance on Solaris system administration
• Troubleshooting help
• System administration advice and best practices
• Crash-dump analysis
• Third party collaboration
• 24/7/365 availability to our Solaris Support Specialists
• Ticket management procedures
• Escalation (Technical and Customer Satisfaction related)
• Flexible status update schedules

Limitations – Software Updates (Patches)


Audax provides remote telephone assistance to customers in answering questions regarding the installation, verification, and removal of software updates.


In the event that a software update (patch) is necessary to resolve a customer's specific issue, the software update must be legally obtained directly from Oracle via an active support agreement. Oracle's legal requirements state that a support agreement must be obtained directly from Oracle or from an Oracle reseller - third parties are not allowed to provide Solaris software updates or patches to customers.


Audax takes a consultative approach in the support of Solaris. Our recommendations are provided based on our history, knowledgebase and our engineers’ experience. We especially recommend Audax Solaris OS Helpdesk Support for customers running Solaris 7 or Solaris 8, as Oracle will no longer be creating software updates or patches for those releases as of October 2014; additionally, customers with stable environments or undergoing migrations to non-Solaris environments also find the value of Audax Solaris OS Helpdesk support very attractive. It is our understanding that older releases are “frozen”; therefore any need for current software updates is typically not necessary.

Named Releases Supported

• Solaris 10
• Solaris 9 (Transitioning to Oracle's "best-effort" support in October 2014)
• Solaris 8 (Transitioning to Oracle's "best-effort" support in October 2014)
• Solaris 7 (Oracle only offers "best-effort" support)

Value Proposition & Benefits

• Solaris certified support team
• 24/7/365 availability to Solaris Support Specialist (tier 2 and 3 specialists)
• Consultative approach to support
• Greater flexibility and customized solutions
• Lower ongoing maintenance costs
• Generous definition of what is included with support (add on products)
• Allow anyone to call for support on contracted system
• Callers do not have to be Solaris certified to request support
• End of life support
• Support of releases years after the OEM has discontinued support
• Third party collaboration
• Customers can rely on us to stay engaged when other parties products are involved
• Protect customer’s investment in software


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