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Linux OS Support Offering

As a leader in hardware and software solutions, Audax solutions knows that today’s data centers are complex, with various Operating Systems (OS) running on multiple platforms. Known for its efficiency, scalability and reliability, Linux is a staple in today’s enterprise data centers. Audax has the experience and expertise to ensure these systems are running at maximum efficiency. While our solution aims at keeping costs at a minimum, immediate response and technical expertise are at the forefront.


The Audax Linux OS Support offering includes 24/7/365 access to our Linux Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who immediately engage with customers, and remain closely connected during the entire problem resolution process. With their extensive Linux background, our SMEs are highly skilled in quickly diagnosing, troubleshooting, and ultimately resolving issues.


As with all of our solutions, Audax provides customers with a single-point-of-contact for data center support, keeping systems running at optimal performance, and most importantly, delivering peace of mind.


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