Audax Solutions is a data center service provisioner with a complete and consistent service model for hardware and software solutions.


HP Software Support

24/7/365 Phone Support for HP-UX Operating Systems and Related Software Products

With over 20 years of software support experience, our team of HP-UX software support specialists are available to help with software related issues with your HP server systems. Our specialists work directly with the customer, associated hardware support and other resources to ensure fast and accurate solutions. From simple usage questions, to configuration and tuning advice, up to the most critical “Severity One” outage situations, our specialists are equipped for problem diagnosis, identification and resolution.

Software Specialists Available 24/7/365

Our Software Specialists are HP-UX Certified Engineers and are available to partners and customers 24/7/365.

Incident Management and Escalation

In addition to formal escalation processes, our software support specialists have an internal team of third level software support specialists. This allows for internal support when a second opinion is needed from a system expert in a particular problem domain.

Our management team is available 24/7/365 to assist with formal escalations and customer requests for management intervention or escalation.

Communication is a key to our success, therefore we strive to keep our customers up to date on progress and developments for each incident.

Continuous Support Through Problem Resolution

Our software specialists will remain engaged with customer resources and will pursue problem resolution 24/7/365 for all mission-critical outages or any event that impacts our customers’ business.

Operating System Patch Recommendations (as requested)

For incident resolution patching needs, we can answer questions to help identify HP patches (and dependencies) and to assist the users in their process of acquisition and installation.

Problem Replication, Verification, and Testing Environments

Our software support specialists have access to a wide variety of in-house HP systems to assist them in problem replication and testing tasks. From the older HP systems to the high-end Superdome systems, all HP-UX versions and HP architectures are represented.

Enhanced Knowledge Database Access for Software Support Specialists

In addition to the publicly available information, our software support specialists can draw from numerous internal resources to better assist customers. Additionally, we are constantly working to leverage the latest technologies for improvement in all aspects of our service delivery processes.

Coordination of 3rd Party Software Resolution Initiation

We offer assistance with problems between HP and 3rd party software or hardware. When required, we will help coordinate with other 3rd party support organizations to find quick and effective solutions.


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